Through our experience, knowledge and skills we are able to provide comprehensive solution to every water purification issue. We perform water tests ourselves, we design and build water treatment plants, we assess and provide clients with top-of-the-line water filters (carbon bed filters, kitchen filters and shower filters), water filter cartridges, deferrization appliances and equipment for removal of any other water pollutant.

Our company specializes in designing, modernizing, implementation and start-up of water treatment plants as well as assembling all of equipment for both individual customer and industrial plants. We take pride in personalized approach to every customer, combining cutting-edge technologies with affordable prices. We maintain a wide stock of filters and other equipment for water purification in order to ensure highest quality of water.

Please browse our offer, and visit Online Store. Thanks to microprocesor controled machines every machine is fully automated, energy efficient and cheap in exploitation in addition to being certified with ISO 9001 and PZH and UDT health certificate.

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